Great place! Prices are reasonable and the cook that made my calzone is an artist! Had the Hawaiian pizza also and it was excellent.

Great cheese steaks. I have also ordered seafood pasta, very good! Today i ordered my first cheese pizza from here, its a little thinner than i like but the flavor is definitely there. I will return.

Absolutely love this place! Had a large order for my mother's students and not only did they complete the order correctly but they went above and beyond by making sure the pizzas were ready and waiting for us to deliver to the kids shortly after they opened!
Plus the pizza is some of the best I've ever had

Great pizza, it reminded me of home. The pasta and bread sticks were really good as well. We had the buffet and I recommend giving this place a try if you haven't already. We will be back.

Excellent pizza place, you can't beat the prices and the delicious food. The lunch specials are just too good to be true, they are very affordable and the portions are quite generous. Highly recommend!!

This place is amazing for the price. All the food on the bar was freshly cooked. They had a nice garlic pasta for my child. The server was prompt and very friendly. The atmosphere is nice and everything was very clean. All the server had gloves on and clean immediately. Great place to eat during this time.

Best pizza I've had in a long while. The sauce tasted fresh and the dough was cooked perfectly. The cheese was also fresh and amazing. Not too greesy but still altogether hearty. The service was fantastic and the prices were fair. Genuinely good experience.

Friendly and courteous staff. Clean establishment. Buffet bar is not huge but it is sufficient for a full belly and its fresh made. Reasonably prized and delicious.